Spaces Between Us: A Digital Epitaph to Non-Events is a book that speaks about the intersection between digital and physical. It features a series of Craigslist Missed Connections digital ads throughout New York City and served as my final project at Parsons The New School for Design.

Project Summary: The preponderance of the digital creates, in and of itself, a segue to a post-digital era. I've intertwined Craigslist missed connections ads and articles about online dating and missed connections into a short narrative that speaks about the intersection between digital and physical. This selection of ads, like pixels, forms a much larger picture that is connected by invisible strands that each reader brings to the spaces between themselves. Each story serves as a private memento and yet the medium is broadcast indiscriminately in a type of public forum. Perhaps more interesting than the notes themselves are the spaces they describe and our own attempts to explore the spaces between us.


Graphic Design
Book Design



I scoured Craigslist missed connections for days, downloading the most interesting and eccentric ads. Some of the ads were hilarious, some strange, and others were heartwarming. I experimented with different visual directions and decided on using Google maps to locate the different locations. 


My project was featured on the Parsons Student Work site, which was quite an honor.