Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-based infrastructures allowing DevOps teams to avoid downtime as well as diagnose and resolve performance issues.

The software is used by customers such as Coursera, Salesforce, Stripe, Github, The New York Times, AirBNB, and Spotify.


At Datadog, I joined as the first full-time designer under the design director. I worked on modernizing and reimagining the visual language of the product. As the company and the design team grew, I worked closely with different engineers and product managers touching on different aspects of the product; I redesigned existing products and led the design of new products, such as the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tool. 




Lead Designer



Built from the ground up in a highly iterative process, I worked as the lead (and only) designer on Datadog’s APM team with a growing engineering team. The product expands Datadog’s previous capabilities to provide full-stack observability, allowing users to understand how an application is affected by its code and underlying infrastructure. 


Operations and development engineers use different tools for application monitoring versus infrastructure monitoring. This, however, creates gaps in the process and can lead to app outages. My work touches on improving the visibility of individual transactions and allowing dev-ops engineers the ability to identify bottlenecks and errors easier.



From sketches, solution discovery, to beta launch, interaction to visual treatment decisions, etc. — Get in touch